0% interest? Yes, we offer unbeatable conditions

You will beat inflation with our financing

You don’t have to pay for our electronic official board immediately. Thanks to this, even a small village or town can purchase it.

1. Gradual payment

We can divide the price of the electronic official notice board into up to 60 monthly payments.

2. It won’t cost you anything extra

With gradual payments, you will not pay us anything extra for the electronic official notice board.

3. You rents our notice board until the price is fully paid

After paying the full price, the electronic official notice board will be yours. You will have everything properly documented in a contract.

Financing and 0% interest

We will be happy to prepare a customized solution of financing for you. If you choose a gradual payment, we guarantee 0% interest. The DigiDay official notice board is available to all.

More than 680 electronic official notice boards
throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia

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