Compensation leaflet for download

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What is substitute performance?

According to the Employment Act 435/2004 Coll., companies with more than 25 employees are obliged to employ 4% of persons with disabilities.

Failure to comply with this obligation can be compensated by compensation in two ways:

  1. By paying 2.5 times the average wage for each unemployed PWD person to the state budget.
  2. Purchasing products and services from companies employing over 50% of PWD employees.

How to realize substitute fulfillment with us?

  1. You can place your order with us at DigiDay. You can choose from our complete range of products and services. Please note that this is a substitute fulfillment.
  2. The invoice will be sent by our partner WeKool s.r.o.
  3. We will deliver the ordered assortment. Subsequent implementation and all technical and warranty issues are also handled by us.

Join us in supporting the disability labour market.

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