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Demo of the LEDWARE system

Take a look at the demo of the LEDWARE system (link opens in a new window).

The LEDWARE system in our official notice boards is really sophisticated

LEDWARE is the name of the software that we at DigiDay have been developing specifically for electronic official notice boards. It is a powerful modular system that provides effective content control, including automatic information update for each DigiDay device.

With LEDWARE, clients are free from all worries about managing the content of the official notice board. All you must do is to hand over the source URL address with the presented content to our system from anywhere on the web. The LEDWARE software will take care of all the other work by itself.

No matter if these are official documents, news, or event calendars, LEDWARE modules with a verified structure will ensure the best availability of information to every citizen.

LEDWARE is a solution that enables information to be displayed on electronic official notice boards even when the Internet connection fails.

Electronic official notice boards of other brands usually only show Internet pages, which disappear from the official notice board at the moment of losing the Internet connection. However, in such the situation, our LEDWARE preserves the mandatory published information together with other content and continuous to display them.

Thanks to LEDWARE, we are also able to upload updates to the electronic official notice board or to solve specific technical problems. All this is possible from our office without a necessity to visit the place where the physical device is installed.

Thanks to DigiDay electronic official notice boards and the LEDWARE system, public institutions and organizations can rely on the fact that their connection with citizens will remain stable and efficient.

At DigiDay, we have developed reliable, flexible and versatile software for managing electronic official notice boards. It is a modular system that offers everything you need to manage your digital information efficiently and securely.

Why you should want LEDWARE

Managing electronic official notice boards of other suppliers can be complicated and challenging for users. Complications can be caused, for example, by incompatibility of document and video formats, or may be associated with security and the inability to change function of pre-programmed buttons, which may no longer correspond to the needs of users after some time. All this can lead to errors, loss of time and increased costs due to the need for additional professional interventions. However, the LEDWARE system in DigiDay devices eliminates these problems because it supports the format of all the most used web browsers, images, videos, PDF documents and the Microsoft Office package. The user interface can be freely changed thanks to more than 20 default modules for the presentation of your arbitrary content.

The LEDWARE is here to help you

DigiDay official notice boards give you the certainty that you need not concern yourself with anything after installation. You do not have to worry about caring manually converting documents, tracking visit rate, and making sure that your electronic official notice board is on operation and running. Thanks to LEDWARE and the work of technicians in our monitoring center, your official notice board is always under control, in operation and information is available to citizens.

Technological revolution lies in frontend and backend

The LEDWARE system is built on the robust Nette PHP framework, which provides universal support for PDF and Microsoft Office formats up to all web image and video formats. Easy handling of data is ensured by machine processing of data in the form of JSON, XML, HTML. The problem does not arise even if there is a need to work with QR codes, including their direct generation. Users can thus download the necessary documents and information to their mobile phones by means of QR codes from the official notice board. The generated QR codes are also compatible for saving a calendar of events to your Google calendar.

24/7 availability and offline operation

Providing offline access to the most recently processed content is also a breeze for LEDWARE. If your municipal web-site temporarily stops working, or if there is an outage on the part of your Internet provider, the information on the official notice board still remains available. We monitor everything 24/7.

Security and flexibility

The system automatically blocks URLs outside the internal whitelist. You can choose from more than 20 modules, several graphic and language menu mutations in the user interface. Everything depends on the individual choice of the client. The device is adapted for both vertical and horizontal digital panels, thanks to the mutation of the interface for vertical and horizontal layout.

We haven’t forgotten about persons with disabilities either

LEDWARE offers a simplified access to control elements such as voice reading of text content for the visually impaired, or lowering the image to the bottom part of the display for people in wheelchairs. You will also be pleased with the economical night mode, during which the brightness of the display is reduced, the blue light filter is turned on and electricity is saved.

In short, LEDWARE works for you

The collection of activity and visit rate statistics, a separate web interface for our remote content management, system quality servicing within the terms of Google Lighthouse, system development within the agile Continuous Delivery methodology and development management within the GitHub platform are a matter of course for the LEDWARE.

Thanks to DigiDay electronic official notice boards, you will not stumble to limitations related to absurd banalities or to excuses that something is no go. Choose a DigiDay device with the LEDWARE system and take the management of your electronic official notice boards to a new level of efficiency and reliability.

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