LEDWARE is a brand of software that we at DigiDay develop specifically for electronic office records. It is a powerful modular system that offers efficient control over content, including automatic updating of information of each DigiDay electronic official board.

With LEDWARE, clients are relieved of all the hassle of managing the content of the official board. Our system only needs to be passed the source URL with the presented content once from anywhere on the web. The software will take care of all further work by itself. Whether it is official documents, news, or calendar of events, timetables and videos, there are modules for everything with a proven structure for the best accessibility of information to every citizen.

All official boards that leave our company after production are equipped with LEDWARE. For the lifetime of the equipment, we provide the license and updates of LEDWARE free of charge.

More than 680 electronic official notice boards
throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia

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