The integrated LEDWARE software, which we develop specifically for our electronic office desks, monitors the device in 24/7/365 mode. Its task is to ensure that the information is displayed even when you experience an internet outage.

Our service also includes maintenance software, where the technicians in our monitoring center see the display of your official board mirrored on their monitor and keep an eye on the device to make sure it is up and running. In the event of a problem, our technicians can connect to the official board and make updates or changes to the settings on the board, after consultation with the client.

From now on, you can post unlimited documents more easily. The DigiDay electronic official board can handle everything. Thanks to our original LEDWARE software, the device itself downloads all information directly from the internet. You no longer have to worry about anything.

More than 680 electronic official notice boards
throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia

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